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Native American Studies: Home

Resources for Native American Studies students and faculty.

Native American Studies

This guide will help you with locating and researching information in books, e-books, periodical articles, databases and websites pertaining to Native American material.

If you have any questions, please contact the Reference Librarians at 505-566-3256.

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Libraries Worldwide is the default search setting. It is not necessary to change this setting. Search results will always display SJC Library holdings first. It is more important to filter/ narrow search results by Format (book, article, video, eBook, etc.).

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Library of Congress Classification Locations of Native American Materials in SJC Library

  • E51-61 PreColumbian America
  • E71 North America (north of Mexico)
  • E73-74 Mound Builders.  Indians of North America
  • E75-E77 (Periodicals, Collections, Dictionaries, Directories, Guide to Tribes, Study and Teaching, Research, Historiography, General Works)
  • E78 (By state, province, or region, A-Z)
  • E81-87 (Indian Wars and captivities)
  • E89-90 (Biography)
  • E91-93 (Government relations)
  • E95 Treaties
  • E96-97 (Education)
  • E98 (By special topic, A-Z 

              e.g., E98.A7 = Art, E98.2 = Economic Conditions; E98.R3 = Religion, Mythology; E98.S7, Social life and customs; E98.W8, Women       

  • E99 (By tribe, A-Z)

             e.g., E99.C6 = Chippewa (Ojibway) Indians; E99.N3 = Navajo Indians; E99.A6 = Apache

Remember to note the location of materials e.g. SJC Library, SJC SW Lock Case, SJC West, Southwest Rm and Salmon Ruins.

Searching for Materials

Some suggested terms/phrases to search:

Native Americans

Indians of North America

Indigenous Peoples

Search by individual tribe, for example,  "Jicarilla Apache" or "Southern Ute." For individuals, use their names.


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